The Heavvy Hitters drum programming pack was made for heavy music.


- Blast beats

- Breakdowns 

- China Grooves

- Crash Grooves

- Intros

- Fills

you will have everything you need to make a KILLER drum beat with in seconds.


This pack is based around heavy music and is a 100% drag and drop ready, and fully customizable.

**These are not samples**


Drum programming takes an INSANE amount of time and some might not even nowhere to start. Easily drag these pre-made drum grooves right into any DAW and start creating heavy music!


Have a drummer? Pre pro with drum midi to give them (even everyone in the band) an idea of what you are going for!

Drum midi saves time and time is EVERYTHING!


Check out the video I made (In the scond picture slot) showing how fast this pack is!

Heavy Hitter Drum Programming Pack

  • Midi is digital placed notes to make a beat. In this case, it's for heavier music. These are not samples or tones!