Branding your band is insanly important.

If you confuse your fans YOU WILL LOOSE.

Your brand needs to be consistent. It doesn't matter where a fan sees you content - they instanly need to know that it's you.


This consulting package includes a one hour call (Skype or in person) and will instanly help you brand your brand. You will have a clearer idea of what your band needs to move forward so you are confusing your fans and so you can gain more. 



- 1 hour call (Skype or in person) on How To Properly Brand Your Band.

- A map of what your band needs to do, specific for your band.

- A Q&A - I let you ask specific questions about your band


You will walk away from this with a bunch knowledge and be ready to dig into your bands branding!


**If the session goes over an hour it will be $50 an hour after that.**

Brand Your Band