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You get the full Heavy Hitters Drum Programing Pack

Includes midi beats from

- Blast beats

- Breakdowns 

- China Grooves

- Crash Grooves

- Intros

- Fills

you will have everything you need to make a KILLER drums in seconds.


As well as the Everything Sample Pack from

Which includes

- A dozen different drum kits

- Cymbals

      - Chinas 

      - Splashes

      - Crashes

      - Rides

- Snares

- Kicks

- Toms

- Bass drops

- Swells


Three mix-ready blend options, dry, room, and a blend of the two are available for maximum flexibility without slowing down your workflow.


These to packs are everything you need especially for heavy music!


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Hear the samples 

Check out the video for the Heavy Hitters pack

Heavy Hitter Drum Programming Pack AND Sample Pack