The "Basic" Template has an INSANE amount of value. It gives you the ability to open up the template and instantly start writing music in Logix Pro X!

Don't worry about Tones, Routing, Eq setting, Compression, Effects, or "Why doesn't it sound good".

Set your BPM and time signature and JUST START WRITING MUSIC.

Let the writing template worry about the rest!

Good music is the goal and focus on that.


The "Basic Writing Template" includes:


My Personal Writing Template

My Personal Presets

3 Personal FX Channels That I Use On Every Mix

4 Logic Drum Kits Tweaked To My Standards

Virgil’s Sound Den Blaster Pack

Virgil’s Sound Den FILLS FILLS FILLS Pack

3 Bass Channels

4 Heavy Guitar Channels

3 Clean Guitar Tracks

4 Vocals Tracks 

3 Synth/Piano Tracks

All Of My Channel Strip Routing (Worth Its Weight In Gold)


Enjoy it and start making some KILLER MUSIC!!!

Logic Pro X Basic Writing Template