The "Standard" has all of the same perks of the Basic package, but bumps you up much further in the "tone area".


I teamed up with to bring you non-stock drum tones preloaded into this template and ready to go!

Say goodbye to the Logic Drum tones we have been stuck with and say hello to the VERY high-quality sample from my dude over at Bettermixes!

Drum sample tones like:

- China Cymbals (Logic doesn't have Chinas)

- Splashes (Logic doesn't have Splashes)

- Crash cymbals

- Ride cymbals

- Kicks (That will push you off your seat)

- Toms

- Hard-hitting Snares


- A full FX pack with cymbal swells, 808,s, reverse snares all pre-loaded ready to go!

This tier also includes my exclusive "Steven's Picks" settings for writing:

- Bass

- Guitar

- Drums

- Keys

These are some of my favorite settings and tones all made right in logic and preloaded ready to go and ONLY included on the Standard and Premium Templates!


Here is the full break down of what's included in the Standard Template!


My Personal Writing Template

My Personal Presets

3 Personal FX Channels That I Use On Every Mix

4 Logic Drum Kits Tweaked To My Standards

Virgil’s Sound Den Blaster Pack

Virgil’s Sound Den FILLS FILLS FILLS Pack

3 Bass Channels

4 Heavy Guitar Channels

3 Clean Guitar Tracks

4 Vocals Tracks 

3 Synth/Piano Tracks

All Of My Channel Strip Routing (Worth It’s Weight In Gold) Garage Kit Sample (Pre Loaded) FX Pack (Pre Loaded)

Virgil’s Sound Den All Access Drum Programming Pack (Pre Loaded)

“Steven’s Picks” Exclusive w/ Drums, Guitars, Bass, and Synth Effects


Enjoy and start writing instantly!

Logic Pro X Standard Writing Template