Respnse Consulting (This is one of my favorite options) is SUPER cool.

 I video a response (and screen capture) of myself looking at everything your band has to offer online including your website and socials. I'll let you know in real-time what I feel like your band should change or what I feel is holding you back.


90% of the time it isn't your music holding you back, but its a lack of communication on your website or socials.

I do this all in real-time and send you the video right after!


I love doing these because I'm not sitting around thinking...I'm telling you my honest opinion on what you should change to make your band grow right in front of you!..Kinda haha



You will find out from an outsider's perspective what you need to change about your online presence to grow your band and make it more professional and appealing to potential Fans, Labels, Music Venues, Bookers and more!

Response Consulting