About Virgil's Sound Den

VSD was born out of Steven Kinsley's (owner) passion to see musicians succeed in their art.

Growing up in a small town he always felt like there was a gaping hole in the music scene. 

Not too many people seemed to care about the "Punk Kids" or "Metal Heads." There was lots of talent and not enough support.


That's where Steven wanted to be and where he felt most comfortable.

"Helping bands is literally all I want to do" -Steven Kinsley

Steven's forte is helping bands with Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Music Business and Band Consulting.

If you need help in any of these areas reach out to him. He can help guide you towards what you need to make your music the best it can be.

Working with all forms of

Punk | Grunge | Rock | Metal is what we do best.

And to us music is everything.

The way we capture our music is just as important as how we play it live, if not more! Our recorded music can be our lasting stamp on history.

Time and time again we watch our musical heroes die, but their art and message continues to live on.

Recording your music and making sure you are getting the highest quality and best representation not only helps you sound good, but gives you a higher chance of sticking out and leaving a lasting impression.

We live and breathe audio at Virgil's Sound Den. We also want to see musicians succeed AND have a ton of fun doing it!

So let's make some music that will out live us, and have a killer time while we're at it.






Tracking solid audio is HUGE when it comes to getting the best results out of the entire recording process.

Whether using traditional or unconventional methods for getting your music down you want to make sure it's clear, crisp, and the best possible "canvas" possible. 

*Virgil's Sound Den is currently taking recording projects on a case by case basis. If you are looking to get your music recorded please fill out a quote form.



Mixing is where your song comes to life and where attention is focused to get a thick, full and balanced sound.

I use multiple tools and methods to make sure each part of your song works together, adding creative touches to give it the clarity and punch it needs.


I work with bands from all over the world too. So if you're nowhere close to Arizona, 

no worries at all! I can still work with you.


I'd love to hear about your project! 



Mastering is where your songs get the finish that makes them breathe and have the right presence.

I believe that mastering is the most over looked, yet most important step in the recording process!

Mastering is the last step of making your album and finalizes the whole operation. Without mastering our music would sound weak and thin.

Don't over look this process! 

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